The super naughty surprise bag for Father's Day!!!

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Surprise bag

Did you know? For more than 12 years, Sexy Surprise has been the REFERENCE in surprise bag for adults. Let yourself be surprised by Le Classique, constantly renewing, our most popular bag

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Sexy Surprise is the one stop shop in adult surprise bag. First, there is the thrill of getting to know a distinguished company that offers sexy items of exceptional quality. Then, there is the pleasure of discovering our incredibly affordable bags. Finally, there is this moment of intense excitement that begins now and ends somewhere on cloud nine, where our product selection will surely transport you. Whether for your personal pleasure or to share, discover our entire offer to satisfy all your desires. Our mission to make you discover and explore new sensations always with respect and pleasure.


For enthusiasts, those who want to make the pleasure last throughout the year. What’s better than a surprise? Six surprises! Choose between our two types of sexy subscriptions and receive every two months a sexy delivery. Why are they so popular? It’s simple: with this option, your desires will not only be fulfilled, but they will be fed and maintained! Finally an exciting way to prolong the pleasure all year long and be surprised again and again by a wide range of products extremely varied.


You may enhance your journey on our website by adding individual articles to your shopping cart, They are listed in 3 categories: toys, essentials and accessories. That was easy!


Our specialty is the surprise bag and it's available in several models, themes and through subscriptions. Other sexy articles are also available for unit purchase. Everything is delivered discreetly, quickly, and free of charge for any purchase over $100. In addition, a surprise gift will automatically be added to your package based on the value of your purchase.

Discreet packaging

Free delivery for any purchase over $100

Free gift with purchase

*Gift according to the value of the purchase


It's done! This year again, we participated in the Salon national de la femme de Québec from November 19 to 20, 2022 at the Center des Foires de Québec. Thank you for coming to see us in large numbers!