The very first Sexy Surprise bag was sealed in 2011 in a Lanaudois village north of Joliette. Our company slowly won the hearts of Quebecers by constantly adapting and innovating in the making of adult surprise bags. Our specialty is our iconic surprise bags. Our website is also filled with many other sexy items to add to your shopping experience. If there is one thing that has not changed since 2011, it is our mission: we want to enrich sexual experiences in order to allow personal and shared fulfillment. In our vision, it goes through discovery, always with respect and pleasure because a developed sexuality is a key part of a sexual health and therefore one's overall health.

All products are carefully selected by our team to meet high standards in terms of quality and safety. Our products come from well-known manufacturers of erotic products, mainly based in the United States and Europe. Our surprise bags contain sexy items from several different suppliers, as well as exclusive content signed Sexy Surprise.

The Sexy Surprise experience
At Sexy Surprise, we have a unique way of conceiving sexuality, and this is reflected through our online store, as well as in the content of our bags. All products offered respect our beliefs and our moral limits in sexual matters. Our communications, whether through the choice of words or images, are always done in a respectful manner. We want the purchase of erotic products to be possible without taboos and that sexual health - just like pleasure - be accessible to everyone. The virtual environment that we have created testifies of our desire to promote sex in a healthy way: you can browse in peace on a site with light colors, without dubious advertising or degrading images. You are here in a place of respect where you can shop safely.