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Sexy surprise bag

Price: $89.99

Product Presentation

Immerse yourself in a world of intimacy and sensuality with our “La Découverte Sexy Surprise” bag. This iconic product reflects our vision of sexuality as a game of discovery and a moment of intimacy that requires trust and total abandonment. Constantly renewed, this bag embodies our commitment to offering unique, captivating and sensual experiences.

What It Contains

A Mixture of Sensual Surprises

  • Number of items: Each bag contains between 8 and 10 items carefully selected to awaken your senses.
  • Added value: The rechargeable vibrating toy alone is worth more than the purchase price of the bag, and the total value of the items is double the price of the bag.
  • Varied content: Expect to find vibrating toys, naughty games, sensual accessories, essential items such as massage oil and/or lube, as well as surprises. /li>

Personalization Options

Let us surprise you with “The Sexy Surprise Discovery”, or guide us by choosing from our four other available options for a more personalized experience. This bag can be used solo or as a couple. Superb beautiful gift idea.

Main Features

  • Quality Surprises: Each item included is chosen for its quality and its potential to revive your intimate life.
  • Unique Experience: No two bags are the same, guaranteeing a new discovery with each purchase.
  • No Repeat: The vibrating toys from the personalized bag are not found in this bag, ensuring continued variety.


  • Excitement and Surprise: Let yourself be carried away by the anticipation of discovering what's in your bag.
  • Exceptional Value: Receive products worth double the price you paid.
  • Intimate Exploration: Perfect for exploring new dimensions of your sexuality.

Customer Reviews

  • "An incredibly sensual experience! Each item was a mesmerizing surprise." - Sophie
  • "The best investment to spice up our intimate life. Highly recommended!" - Mark

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