Valentine's Day is a special event for lovers! A great opportunity to take the time to show your second half how great is your love and to take a moment for two. Let the routine behind to allow yourselves a moment of tenderness and love that will rekindle the flame and enjoy a moment of intimacy.

For the occasion, we have filled our surprise bag with products you'll enjoy tasting, trying, discovering and guessing... Accompanied by 2 rechargeable vibrating toys (one for her and one for him) and naughty accessories, everything has been designed to create the desired atmosphere.

Our Sexy suggestion will complete the whole thing by giving you ideas to transform your tender break into a torrid evening! An all-inclusive that is a surprise both for the person who receives it and the one offering it. Enjoy discovering it together!

  • Bag in limited quantity 
  • 8 to 10 items per bag
  • A value of more than $200
  • Very fast and free delivery.