The First Aid Kit


The Sexy Surprise family is growing with the addition of a bag dedicated to medical personnel:  ''The First Aid Kit'' from Sexy Surprise. 

As you can imagine, this is not a normal medical kit... we have traded bandages, medical accessories and antibiotic creams for items, let's say a lot more... naughty! It is a complete kit that aims to stimulate, strengthen, relax, have fun while taking care of yourself. Dosage and frequency of use will be unique to each.

Our medical kit can be used solo or as a couple, it contains among other things  rechargeable toynaughty cream, relaxation item and instruments of pleasure and is available in 2 versions: female naughty pleasure and male naughty pleasure.

This is our way of caring for medical staff as a way of thanking and recognizing their exceptional and indispensable work.  

 10 items per bag

Content worth $200 or more

Very fast and free delivery

Dare to offer it or offer it to yourself... because it's time to take care of all those who work in the medical field!