Follow us through some independent convenience stores in Quebec

Bags available for 2023:

The Perfect Match.  A small complete kit of consumable products to warm up a “Sexy” date.

Flirting. Ideal for a well-lit evening as a couple

The Spicy. Brand new in September 2023 and hot. This is our large format bag. As its name says very well, it will be used to spice up several and many evenings,

Let yourself be seduced by these and if they are not yet available in your local convenience store, do not hesitate to ask for them at the counter or write to us.

Stay tuned. Find out by filling out the form below. (In your message please indicate your city and postal code so that we can respond to your request)


Notice (2022-12-22): This review is for purchasers of Sexy Surprise bags with Smooth brand lubricant from Bedroom Products. It has come to our attention that the packaging of some Smooth lubricants from Bedroom Products indicates an incorrect expiration date. The packaging of this product should have read “valid one after opening the bottle”. The problem is specifically related to the packaging and not related to its contents. The product has been tested and all precautions and safety measures have been followed when filling the bottles. The product can be used safely. For any request for additional information or for replacement, please contact us directly at or by telephone at 450-835-4991 for support from us. Please accept our apologies for this situation and thank you for your understanding.