NEW -In more than 1200 independent convenience stores in Quebec, The Perfect Match   is a complete all-in-one consumables kit to make your date a success intended for a one-night stand or as a seduction item. It is definitely the ''must have kit'' to make your next evening for two an unforgettable one! With the Perfect Match, you will always be ready to rumble, no more last minute shopping needed, all you need is included in the bag! Let yourself be seduced by our three new ''Perfect Match'' bags. If they are not yet available in your neighborhood convenience store, do not hesitate to ask for them at the counter or write to us.

  • 3 versions with different content: PURPLE - GREEN - ORANGE
  • 8 items per bag
  • A value worth $50 and more

Stay tuned throughout the seasons because convenience stores will offer different themes, sizes, contents and needs as well as greater value. For a limited time, these 2 large format bags are currently available in store: Special edition, Romance bags and LE FLIRT, Find out more by filling out the form below!

*** Important: please make sure your city and postal code are provided ***