Advent calendar "Calendrier de l'Avent"


Our Naughty Advent Calendar is designed to spice up your relationship and create unforgettable memories. It's time to step out of the daily routine and celebrate this season in a sensual and passionate way. So, get ready to experience a different Christmas this year, where love, passion and intimacy will be in the spotlight.

The 2023 Edition has been TOTALLY redesigned for a sensual experience until Santa arrives. Influenced by the Sexy Surprise suggestion, our calendar is based on your chosen 12 days before Christmas. Thus, it will allow you to combine intensity, desire, excitement, experiences, quality over quantity and will eliminate the excessive pressure of 24 days in a row to savor each moment. It will be the answer to your most secret desires.

And as our Advent Calendar is 12 days long, there is no obligation to start the countdown specifically on December 1. It is possible to start on December 12 if you want....You can open the ''days'' at your choice, according to your tastes, your availability and even according to your impulses of the moment. What a great way to fuel the holiday spirit all year long.

Without revealing everything to keep the magical effect of the surprise, you will find everything you need: Female, male and couple toys, remote control toy, accessories, essentials, female and male arousal gel, lingerie, games and as a Christmas gift on December 25, a rechargeable dual-technology vibrator (vibration and air pulsation) with 15 functions.

The Sexy Surprise Advent Calendar,what a wonderful way to surprise yourself as a couple and build up the holiday excitement throughout the month of December. Merry Christmas to you both!

  • 12 days of toys to discover
  • A beautiful rechargeable vibrator/pulse for December 25
  • Price $189.99, often the price of a single toy!!!
  • A total value of over $450
  • Very fast and free delivery.