The Rodeo


The Rodeo - Dare this torrid moment!

Price: $119.99

Discover the 2024 Edition of Le Sac Le Rodéo

Following your numerous comments, the Sexy Surprise family is growing with the addition of the "Le Rodéo" bag designed for real cowboys and cowgirls! The 2024 edition is now available, accompanied by its riding crop.

Immerse yourself in a Wild and Untamed Passion

Under the starry Western sky, cowboy and cowgirl find themselves in a burning embrace. To the rhythm of the rodeo and country music, their bodies brush against each other and desire each other. In the heat of the desert, they dance with wild and untamed passion. Discover this intensity with our “Le Rodéo” bag.

Three Profiles Available

Choose the profile that best suits your desires:

  • Women's pleasure Cowgirl
  • Cowboy men's pleasure
  • Cowgirl and Cowboy couple pleasure

Of course, it can be used solo or as a couple for an unforgettable sensual experience.

What It Contains

A Mixture of Sensual Surprises

  • Number of items: Each bag contains between 7 and 10 carefully selected items.
  • Various content: Expect to find a rechargeable toy, naughty creams/oils, essentials, accessories and other exciting surprises.
  • Added value: The total value of the items is at least double the price paid.

Main Features

  • Quality and Seduction: Each object included is selected for its quality and its potential to rekindle your passion.
  • Unique Experience: This is a unique theme that guarantees a new sensual adventure with every purchase.
  • Versatility: Designed for use alone or as a couple, depending on your desires.


  • Excitement and Mystery: Let yourself be seduced by the excitement and joy of discovering the treasures hidden in your hot bag.
  • Exceptional Value: Receive products worth double the price you paid.
  • Intimate Exploration: Ideal for exploring new dimensions of your sexuality and rekindling the flame of your passion.

Sensual Testimonies

  • "This bag transformed our evenings! Outch the whip!!! Each item was a perfect surprise to spice up our relationship." - Laura and Alex
  • "An excellent choice for exploring and having fun. The Le Rodéo bag gave us unforgettable moments." - David
  • "I was skeptical at first, but this bag is amazing. It has added so much fun to my intimate life." - Emma

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