The Rodeo


Following your many comments, the Sexy Surprise family is growing again and again with the addition of the Le Rodéo bag designed for realCowboys/Cowgirls!!!

"In the golden glow of the setting sun, in the heart of the wild landscape, a cowboy and a cowgirl found themselves under a sky starry. A passion quickly took hold. Their breaths mingled, their hearts beat to the rhythm of country music, and their love became the most sensual story the West had ever known."

Our bag The Rodeo is offered in three different profiles: Female Cowgirl Pleasure, Male Cowboy Pleasure, or Cowgirl and Cowboy Couple Pleasure. Obviously, it can be used alone or as a couple. To maintain the surprise effect, the latter can contain among other things: refillable toy, naughty cream/oil,essentials, accessories and surprises.

10 items per bag

Content worth double paid and more

Very fast and free delivery