Parsonne En Parle


do you know them? They are three friends Chuck, Doug and Jeff who talk without filter, make humor in the second degree and who have fun. They created Chuck, Doug and Jeff's PODCAST!!!




They asked us to create a Sexy Surprise bag in their image to make one ''Parsonne'' come alone... or with a partner, as they wish!

The challenge is met and we are proud to present the Sexy Surprise bag. Parsonne en parle!

Those who know them will probably not be surprised by the contents of this surprise bag, but for the uninitiated a small warning is in order: they can be raw and direct in their words but they are good guys, beautiful people with a tender heart! 

Without revealing everything, here is an overview of the content of the Sexy Surprise bag Parsonne en Parle: Rechargeable female pleasure and male pleasure items, essentials such as lubricant, toy cleaner, condom..., a fetish accessory and other surprises to discover... PS: don't be surprised to find a anal accessory, even if they don't all agree on the subject! 

  •  8-10 items per bag
  • Value over $200
  • Free, discreet and very fast delivery.