DocLOVIN by ViViLo

44.99$ 56.99$

ViViLo is proud of DocLOVIN, a therapeutic concept designed for the well-being of women.

Madam, think a little about yourself and take steps to make the quality of your sex life where you deserve it to be; pleasant, fun and comfortable. Too much time without sex, vaginal drying, anxiety and menopause, all of which alter the quality of your sex life, DocLOVIN is the solution to these conditions.

You want to increase the strength and elasticity of the vaginal muscles, DocLOVIN is the answer for greater sexual satisfaction. The ergonomic design with progressive and curved dimensions of DocLOVIN allows for gentle expansion. Useful, they also each have a ring at their base for very easy handling.

DocLOVIN is made of premium quality silicone of exceptional finesse. Start with the smallest dilator, gradually working your way up to the largest and thus giving the vagina more vigor. DocLOVIN from ViViLo is phthalate-free and odor-free, offering you a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency and price.

DocLOVIN is a set of 3 different sizes of dilators that can grow with you. Ergonomically curved, foldable and durable, they can even be used with a vibrator in the ring of each dilator (vibrator not included).

PS: These dilators are also perfect for introducing anal pleasure!

ADVANTAGES: comfort, non-allergenic and therapeutic

  • Material: ultra-soft silicone – latex-free – phthalate-free – odorless
  • Weight: 92gr for the 3 dilators
  • Dimensions:
    DILATOR NO.1: 3 “x 0.5” / 7.5cm x 1.25cm
    DILATOR NO.2: 3.5 “x 0.75” / 9cm x 2cm
    DILATOR NO.3: 4 .25" x 0.75" / 10.75cm x 2cm
  • Color: lavender