Blue Bunny - Erection cream


Blue Bunny is an enhancing erection cream for men designed to increase and stimulate erections.

Blue Bunny is a 100% natural cream designed to arouse the penis by encouraging better blood circulation. By making the penis more receptive to the slightest friction, it gives the man a youthful awakening.

Blue Bunny cream applies like a balm; you must apply a thin layer of cream and rub it into the penis to feel its effects in a few minutes. It is recommended to apply the cream 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Blue Bunny erection cream will give you firm and long-lasting erections, in addition to increasing your potency and self-confidence. Your pleasure will be enhanced and prolonged, just like that of your partner.

Finally a cream which aims to highlight what is best and strongest in the male organ! 15ml (.5oz)


  • Allows strong erections
  • Increases the power of your penis
  • Better quality sex
  • Increase your pleasure
  • Easily combines with a penis pump and erection rings


Rapeseed/canola oil, beeswax, vegetable extract of ylang-ylang, ginseng, sandalwood, eucalyptus and clove.