Catimini vibrating jewel

79.99$ 99.99$

Vivilo innovates by incorporating the force of an imposing vibrator into a discreet and decorative piece of jewelry... The Catimini! A miniaturization technique offers power in a delicate format, while still being a piece of jewelry .

Made of very smooth polished 316 stainless steel that does not alter, it is ideal for sensitive skinand it quickly adapts to your body temperature for maximum comfort. Worn around the neck with its 13.5” inch chain, it is more than just a piece of jewelry, it is your Vibrant-Jewel.

At the neckline or underneath your clothing, it will always be available…and Catimini is so magnificent to look at! It slides along while vibrating noiselessly, only you will know you are using it. A simple button, judiciously placed on the toy, gives you access to no less than 12 vibration modes. In working condition, a soft white glow emanates from it. The Catimini, your ideal companion in terms of vibrating jewelryis easily recharged via a USB port.

Catimini another Vivilo device, which offers you such a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, price and peace of mind with its included 5-year warranty. It comes with a beautiful red suede pouch.

• Material: polished 316 stainless steel

• Weight: 32 grams including the chain

• Dimensions: chain length: 13.5'' inches vibrator length: 5'' inches - width: 0.35'' inch

• Interface: 3 speeds with 9 rhythms for 12 different modes

• Rechargeable battery with USB cable

• Splash-proof only

• Battery life: 2 hours – Recharge: 1 hour