The vibrator is definitely the most popular toy! What separates it from the rest, is obviously the vibrations that stimulate certain areas as no other massage (as vigorous as it is) would. Most vibrators have multiple speeds, allowing each woman to choose the mode that gives her the most pleasure. It is also possible to gradually increase the intensity, on the way to orgasm. The vibrator is a good first toy, since it is very intuitive and does not necessarily suppose a penetration.

The traditional vibrator is the shape of a phallus and aims vaginal stimulation. It comes in all shapes and colors, and offer different speeds, intensity or pace.


The rabbit vibrator is like a traditionnal phallic-shaped vibrator that has an additional branch to stimulate the clitoris, allowing a double stimulation. Depending on the model, the function of the part that can be inserted can vary : some offer only vibration, other a rotation with beads (to stimulate the G-spot). Some models rotate on themselves, providing an experience similar to the real thing.


This vibrator has a curved shape or an inclined ``head`` that stimulate the G-spot. It allows to put more pressure on the desired area, which is generally not possible with traditional vibrators or during intercourse with a partner.


The bullet or eggs are essentially used in the same way as others, even if their shape is slightly different (the bullet looks like a tiny, thin and long vibrator, while theegg is oval shapped). They are used to stimulate the clitoris and are not designed to be inserted. They are popular mainly because they can be used during sex, and they are also very discreet and usually quiet, that is to say easy to carry around.


This type of vibrator feature a large vibrating head, which does not allow penetration. It thus serves to stimulate the clitoris and can also massage all parts of the body.


This one is similar to the traditional vibrator, but smaller (3-5 cm). The mini-vibrators are an interesting choice for those who suffer from vaginal sensitivity because they are shorter and narrower. They can also be used to stimulate the clitoris They are easier to manipulate than the bullet or egg vibrators.


Designed to be used during sex, this type of toy stimulates two areas : the clitoris, througt the top which remains outside and emits a vibration, as well as th G-spot, thanks to the bottom part which, once inserted, makes a pressure on G-spot. The vibrations should satisfy both partners.