This material comes generally in the form of ``jelly`` and is very porous. While it is harder to clean, it is very flexible and elastic. It is the closest thing to a real organ. Please note that many people are allergic to latex.


Silicone is the most loved and used materials since it reminds the texture of the skin and it is soft to the touch. However, it is porous and can be difficult to insert, hence the needs to use a good lubricant. Silicone, unlike latex, is a choice for those who are sensitive to chemicals and prone to infections.


The main feature of glass is that it can be heated or cooled, thus providing different sensations. It requires very little lubricant and glides easily.


The main advantage of plastic is that it requires little lubricant and it can easily be cleaned. But it is harder and less soft than silicone, and unlike glass, it cannot be heated or cooled