Vaginal balls can come in a set of up to four balls. The woman inserts the ball(s) into her vagina in order to reinforce the muscles and gain pleasure. Although balls come in different type, weight and diameter, they are all used the same way. The most important is to select balls that are heavy enough to reinforce the muscles, but not too heavy; they could slide out of the vagina. The balls bring a subtle pleasure immediately, and they have several benefits: many women use them for incontinence problems or a lack of sensitivity during intercourse. Although it is possible to practice the exercises with the balls, many women use them passively while going about their daily business. .

The Chinese balls contain a free weight which provides a jarring sensation when the woman moves. These are the balls that provide the most immediate pleasure to the woman thanks to their weight.


The Japanese balls are full. They are often used after the Chinese balls, as they are more difficult to hold inside. Therefore, they make the muscles work harder, but they generally don’t provide immediate pleasure.