Accessories for men

PUMP !!!

The pumps operate by suction to make a penis harder and more impressive. Some models can be used in the bath or the shower, while others use only air, In all cases, the method of operation and expected results are the same.


Depending on the model, some extentions are designed to increase the size or width of the penis. Others are to provide more sensations to the woman through the texture. There are also the ``cage`` extensions which can also be used to keep the erection for a longer period of time, but the penis is less covered. Extensions can be fitted with a vibrating egg that gives more pleasure to the woman.


Masturbators allow man to indulge in a much more stimulating way, through their texture and their smart design. Aside from the more classic models, we also seeimitations of genital parts or mouth, each with their respective characteristics. Large formats are also available, wich allow hand-free operation.


The cock rings are used to prolong the intercourse and provide more intense sensations until the orgasm. Some rings are placed at the base of the penis, while others also hold the testicles


This is a variant of the regular ring equipped with a vibrating egg to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.