The High Voltage Circuit Breaker


A big thank you to all the staff who work very hard, day and night, to re-establish power in the homes. What a joy to find the warmth.

At the request of the workers, we have made a bespoke bag dedicated to all the partners who are alone to take care of the house (and all that goes with it...) for long days and long nights.  

Yes yes yes we are happy to work in collaboration with this team of tough guys at work with a tender heart who have sweet thoughts for their spouses!!! 

This unique formula couple bag contains a beautiful large rechargeable new generation vibrator for Mrs. , male toy, lubricant, massage oil, toy cleaner, naughty accessories and essentials.

Obviously, everything has been thought out so that Madame is warm and that the high tension continues when Monsieur returns.

What better way to comfort yourself for several evenings/nights.

  • Bag available for a limited time
  • 8-10 items per bag
  • Very good value
  • Very fast delivery.